BPPP Live - Online

BPPP LIVE - Online 

0900 - 1015 U.S. Central/1400Z – 1515Z
The Human Side of Flying a Beechcraft
Speaker: Lorne Sheren, MD, Aviation Medical Examiner and past ABS Board President
Our airplanes and avionics are amazing, but there’s still the pilot at the controls. Learn how to handle fatigue, stress and other pressures that ultimately determine the safe outcome of a flight. 

1030 - 1145 U.S. Central/1530Z – 1645Z
Instrument Approaches: By the Numbers
Speaker: W. Tim Miller, BPPP instructor and AOPA Outstanding Flight Instructor
Connect, explain and discuss the phases of instrument approaches using the BPPP By the Numbers technique and regulations governing approaches.

1230 – 1250 U.S. Central/1730Z – 1750Z (approximate)
Preview of the new BPPP Beechcraft Essential Systems and Techniques course—the BEST in Beechcraft Pilot Training™
Sample video from the new BEST course—probably the Landing Gear Abnormal and Emergency Procedures module. John, this will be something we can turn on and let run, a roughly 17 minute mp4. I’ll upload it to you closer to the event.

1300 - 1415 U.S. Central/1800Z – 1915Z
ABS Tech Tips
Speakers: Bob Ripley and Curtis Boulware, ABS Technical Advisor and Service Clinic inspectors
Answers to your live questions about maintaining and modifying your Beech airplane.

1430 - 1545 U.S. Central/1930Z – 2045Z
Upset Recovery in Bonanzas and Debonairs
Speaker: Scott “Gunny” Perdue, USAF (ret.), BPPP instructor and Upset Recovery instructor in his F33C Aerobatic BonanzaLoss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) remains the most common fatal accident scenario in all aviation. Professional pilots have made great improvements with Upset Recovery Training (UPRT), and you can too. Learn and see recovery techniques from within and beyond the Normal category that you can apply to flying your Beechcraft.


Enjoy online pilot training with your fellow ABS members and the experts on flying, maintaining and owning your Beechcraft. 

Completing BPPP Live makes you eligible to fly with an accredited BPPP instructor near your home, on your schedule, for a full BPPP course completion certificate—ask your insurance agent about BPPP LIVE.


*All registered attendees must be a current ABS Member. To join or renew, visit www.bonanza.org,*

5/15/2021 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
Registration not available.

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